CIM Discover Adventure Books

A Photo Treasure Hunt

Cyrano Interactive Multimedia is proud to introduce the first and second in the series of Photo discovery print and eBooks...“Discover Oak Glen” and "Discover Marriott Ko Olina"...a fun and adventurous way to discover these amazing destinations.

Both the print and eBook app are pages of photographs taken in various areas of Oak Glen and Ko Olina. Your mission is to locate the items in the pictures. 

To help with your “hunt” you will find, under each photo, the GPS coordinates of the subject shown. You can either input those coordinates manually into your smart device's map software or, better yet, download the CIM QR Coder Reader or the Discover Oak Glen APP from Google Play and simply scan the QR Code (print version) or "tap" on the photo (Smart Device App) and follow the map to find the “Photo Treasure”.

One of the cool things you get when you download the CIM QR Coder Reader and Discovery APP is access to something we call the CIM EDUCATIONAL BECONS. When you reach a specific photo location the app will automatically stream fun and educational (location specific) content to your smart devices'. Its a great way to not only explore but also learn about the fascinating history and attractions of your chosen destination.

To download the CIM DISCOVERY APP go to Google Play and search “CIM QR Code Reader” or "Discover Oak Glen APP". This is a free app and, for those of us on a “Data Budget”, the content that is streamed to you does not require you to use your cellular data. Just turn on your smart devices WiFi and enjoy the show.

“Happy Travels”,