Cyrano Interactive Multimedia is proud to introduce the first and second in the series of Discovery Photo Books and Adventure Apps.."Discover Yucaipa" and “Discover Oak Glen” ...a fun and adventurous way to explore these amazing destinations.

CIM Discovery Apps
Presented in an easy to use, user-friendly interface, CIM discovery apps offer users a fun and interactive means to discover local shops, attractions and educational venues. Below are just some of the features included:

  • Interactive Maps complete with route guidance and real-time tracking
  • Proximity POI notifications sent automatically from POI to Users when user is within 400 meters of POI location.
  • Real-time notifications sent by POI directly to user's smart device. Notifications include special offers, special event information, route guidance activation, direct dial to POI's phone number and POI's Website
  • Interactive Games, Trivia, and Frequent Visitor Tracking and Rewards Programs

CIM Discovery Books
CIM Discovery Books are pages and pages of beautiful, non-descript yet enticing photographs taking in various areas of your destination. By downloading the CIM Scan App your Adventure books become interactive! A quick scan of the page will activate route guidance and proximity tracking on your smart device.  Once you arrive page will display on you device providing educational and informative information regrading the location to which you have arrived. This information is provided via text, audio or video media. A fun and interactive way to discover and learn about your chosen destination!

“Happy Travels”,

PS If you are interested in Cyrano developing a Discovery App and/or Book for your Facility, Site or Organization please feel free to use the "Contact Us" link above and shoot us a message. We love what we will too!"