Cyrano Interactive Multimedia started working on interactive multimedia software and internet sites way back in the mid 90's. Our first projects included various interactive web sites created exclusively using Macromedia Flash and Director. We also published an interactive CD named "Christian Link for Kids", a hybrid internet/PC web portal that provided "safe and sane" web site access via a fun and animated user interface. 

After a long hiatus Cyrano is back doing the things he loves...shooting photos and developing Apps. Cyrano is proud to introduce the first two in a series of "Discover" print and eBook apps..."Discover Oak Glen" and "Discover Ko Olina"

CIM Discovery Books and Apps are a sort of visual treasure hunt where the user is shown a series of nondescript, yet intriguing, photos in a beautiful Photo Book or on their smart device via the Discover eBook app. With a simple "tap" or "scan" a map loads complete with route and guidance to aid the user on their quest to locate the photo subject. There is some other cool stuff included as well like CIM Beacons, a small network of local WiFi media servers located at various sites in the search area and Pop-Up trivia sheets when the object site is reached by the user and possible incentives from local business when you complete your adventure.

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PS If you are interested in Cyrano developing a Discovery App and/or Book for your Facility, Site or Organization please feel free to use the "Contact Us" link above and shoot us a message. We love what we do...you will too!"